Product Review: Printcess Makeup

NOTE:I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Printcess Makeup (

: 5 stars

Products Category
: Cosmetics

Product I Received
: Villian, Calico, Complication, & Direwolf samples

They came beautifully wrapped in some pages from White Fang (I cringed but they look so cute and so many people use old pages for bookstagram backgrounds anyways). 

These are the 4 samples I received (samples can bought for $1 each, of any color). The sticker on them is the size of a quarter, so the bags are about 2 inches long. I love the names, and these are just a few. There’s Hunger Games, Cinder, PJO, Divergent, HP, etc. themed ones as well. 

I (badly) swatched the here on my arm. The picture was taken in natural lighting. Villian is dark and sparkly, perfect for a smokey eye or some shimmery eyeliner.  Direwolf matches my skin tone very well, which is awesome since I like natural looking makeup. Complication is an epic metallic purple and really stands out. Calico is totally gorgeous, and very majestic. All of them were very pigmented. 

Since I’m so ( not) amazing with make up,

I only used them as eye shadows, but they can be worn anywhere on the face (except your lips), and can be turned into nail polish too. I know I’m definitely going to try Direwolf as a highlighter. They can be worn wet or dry, and they last pretty long. For me, Villian lasted the longest, but they all stayed put for at least 5 hours. 

They shipped pretty quickly in an evenlope, and were nicely packaged. Nothing spilled, and they were in orcs T condition. 

Overall, I definitely reccomend. The powders are pigmented and long lasting, with awesome referential names. You can buy a sample  of any of the colors for $1, and each sample can be used around 3-4 times (depends on what you use it for, and how much). Seriously, check em out!

Product Review: Catherine Lapointe

NOTE:I received a free sample in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Catherine Lapointe (

Rating: 5 stars

Products Category: Hand Painted Shoes (Fandom & Wedding)

Product I Received: Purple Monarch Flats

Ohmygosh these are gorgeous. This picture does not do them justice, they are even more breathtaking in person! The design is amazing, and the paint used is so pretty!  Seriously some excellent craftsmanship. The shoe itself is pretty comfy, though the sides dip slightly lower than in used to.  (Note: Catherine does not usually use pointed toe shoes for commissions)
She has a lot of different designs and shoe styles in her shop (including some truly beautiful bridal wear). All you Harry Potter fans should definitely check out her Hogwarts design! Oh, and did I mention there’s also Pokemon sneakers? What better to catch ’em all with. 
They shipped in maybe a week, though mine were already painted I beleive. The time for each design varies. The shoes were nicely packed and arrived safely at my doorstep. 
Overall, I would definitely reccomend these. The shoes were comfy,the design is gorgeous, and high quality.  Seriously, check out her shop, there’s some pretty amazing things there. 

Book Review: Vengeance Road 

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

Rating: 4 stars

Revenge is worth its weight in gold.

When her father is murdered for a journal revealing the location of a hidden gold mine, eighteen-year-old Kate Thompson disguises herself as a boy and takes to the gritty plains looking for answers—and justice. What she finds are untrustworthy strangers, endless dust and heat, and a surprising band of allies, among them a young Apache girl and a pair of stubborn brothers who refuse to quit riding in her shadow. But as Kate gets closer to the secrets about her family, a startling truth becomes clear: some men will stop at nothing to get their hands on gold, and Kate’s quest for revenge may prove fatal. 

This book has been on my TBR list since like, forever. I finally decided to read it, and I’m glad I did. I haven’t read many western books before, so it was pretty interesting. Let me tell you something, I love a good revenge story. There won’t be a sequel, though there is a companion novel coming out next year. 

I thought this was going to be a straight and simple story, no twist and turns, but boy was I wrong. There was a good number of things that I just did not see coming. 

Kate’s a pretty badass chick.

“That sounds real nice, boy,” he says. “Now for the love of God, lower that damn pistol.”

“All right,” I says.

And I do.

Right after I shoot him through the skull.”

– Erin Bowman,“Vengeance Road.”

I liked Jesse and Will enough, but eh. TBR chemistry between her and Jesse was nice, but seriously, they just met. Lil was interesting, but wedding get to find out much about her (yet).  
Usually, I hate hate hate books where it’s told with an accent. I couldn’t read Blood Red Road ’cause of the accent. There is one in this book, and it’ll seem pretty strong at first, but you get used to it. It’s not too overbearing and once you really get into the story it’s not an issue. 
It was generally pretty fast paced, a nitty gritty western read. I would definitely reccomend this to fans of Rebel of the Sands. A gunslinging, sassy, wild, girl hellbent on revenge. Why are you not already reading this?

Merch Review + Giveaway: My Sweet Paper Cards

NOTE:I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: My Sweet Paper Cards (
Rating: 5 stars
Products Category: Stationary
Products I Received: “You’re a wizard” Mystery Bag

I am extremely excited to open this!!! 

I love this sticker!! It’s Harry, but he’s a cat. 

Ohmygosh, it’s packaged so cutely!!!

Here’s the first mystery package, I wonder what it is (forcing myself to not rip it all open) These stickers are so cute!!! 

Here’s the second mystery pack, I can see some words through it. Again, adorable stickers. 

Okay, I can’t wait I’m opening them!

So in the first package, there’s this cute notebook! 

              Oooh there’s more in here!

       It’s a card! I love the owl post stamp!

It’s a howler! Thats so awesome! Both the cards are blank so you can use them for anything. 

Okay, package #2


It doesn’t look like much in the picture, but it’s a notepad that has a quote embossed in gold on its cover. 

Now for the stickers!

Seriously, I’m in love with Harry the cat. 

Eeeeeh! These are so cute!!! I love these so much!

There’s also this magnet:

Definitely living happily ever after in my fridge! 

And last but not least,

This bookmark! 
This was amazing! I think it would makea perfect gift for all those HP lovers out there (I know I loved it a ton)  This was the Your A Wizard pack, but they also have mystery packs for each house. I think this pack cost about $8, which is less than if you just bought the two notebooks. It took maybe a week to ship (from France). The Mystery Bag packaging is so cute! Everything in here is nicely wrapped and gosh I love it so much!

Here’s everything that was included :

A notebook, a notepad, 2 letters, 8 stickers, a magnet, and a bookmark. Each bag is different so I can’t say what you might find in yours. 
Now, for the giveaway

  • It is open INTERNATIONALLY. 
  • You must be at least 18 years old or have your parents permission to share your address
  • Winners are given 48 hours to respond to their email of congratulations, if they don’t respond within the timeframe, a new winner will be chosen
  • I am not responsible for lost/damaged items, neither is My Paper Cards
  •  I will check all your entries! Cheaters will be disqualified

                           The Prize:

I’ve teamed up with My Paper Cards to give away one Potion Making notebook! 

             a Rafflecopter giveaway

Merch Review: Good Night Kittens

NOTE: I received a free sample in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Good Night Kittens (
Rating: 5 stars
Products Category: Book related shirts, posters, and totes

Product I Received: Helldivers T-shirt in Dark Red 


Look at it!!!

It’s gorgeous. 

I haven’t seen very much merch for Red Rising, but this definitely takes the cake. I mean, look at the details!

I love how the design has all those little designs hidden in it that relate to Red Rising.  Oh, and the print! I expected just plain black on red, but it’s actually a shimmery gunmetal color! 

It’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer without dying in the heat, and it’s so cute! It’s available in 2 colors, heather red and dark red. Mine looks lighter because of the lighting, but it’s a gorgeous shade of dark red.  You can also get this design printed on a red tote!

//pictures from GoodNightKittens

It shipped extremely fast, and it was nicely packed inside the padded envelope. It actually came two days earlier than expected, which was a nice surprise!

I would definitely recommend this shop to Red Rising fans! She also has Hunger Games and Grisha designs (ohmygosh they’re so beautiful)! Seriously, check it out!

Merch Review: Nephilim Jems


I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Nephilim Jems (

Rating: 5 stars

Products Category: Fandom & Fantasy Jewelry

Products I Received: Shadowhunter  Cell Phone Charm, Mermaid Earrings, Percabeth Necklace & Music Note Bow

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Merch Review: Legendary Letters + Giveaway

I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion 
Shop: Legendary Letters 

Rating: 5 stars
Products Category: Personalized greeting letters from Santa Claus, Harry Potter, Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, Willy Wonka, Hunger Games, Twilight, etc. 
Products I Received: Prefect Letter + Pins set

Oh my god. Opening this was one of the best moment of my life, even though I knew it wasn’t real. I’m going to treasure this forever. 

 The quality of this was amazing, it even had a real wax stamp on it. The pins are adorable, and I’m definitely wearing them to the midnight release of The Cursed Child. It seemed very authentic, and my friends and siblings freaked out when I showed it to them. The letter is customizable, and you can choose what three traits it says you showed and which room is your bedroom. 

It shipped way faster than I expected, it only took about 2 days. It came in a padded envelope and was in perfect condition. 

I would definitely reccomend this to everyone. This would make an amazing present, I honestly can’t think of a better one.  

              Now, onto the Giveaway

                Please read this carefully

The giveaway is for a coupon code for a Hogwarts Express Train Ticket. It’s $5 off, so you have three options:

  • $5 off a 1st class ticket, so it will cost $5
  • A free second class ticket (minor defect)
  • 2 free third class tickets (defect)

           You will have to pay for shipping 

     1st class ticket:

2nd class ticket 

3rd class ticket

                a Rafflecopter giveaway

Merch Review: Marquis du Soleil

I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion 

Shop: Marquis du Soleil (

Rating:  5 stars

Products Category
: Bookmarks, Stationary, Art Prints, Posters, etc. 

Products I Received: Aelin of the Wildfire bookmark, Spring Court Feyre bookmark, The NightCourt bookmark, and Rapunzul postcard. 



5 stars guys. I don’t just give those out lightly. In fact, this is the very first thing on my blog to get a full 5 star rating (whoohoo!). 

You wanna know why? Because her work is absolutely stunning.  These are the most gorgeous bookmarks I’ve ever laid eyes on, and probably always will be. The pictures don’t do them true justice. 

They’re all hand made, on cold pressed watercolor paper.  The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the typography  is nice and elegant. I love the script they are written in. 

I love the Rapunzul design, especially how she’s a brunette. I’ve always seen Rapunzul as a blonde, and that’s how I’ve always thought of her. It actually took me a second to realize what fairytale the card was. I adore the colors used in this, and the flowers. 

Shipping was pretty fast, it took maybe three, four days for it to arrive.  They came in a really cute blue envelope, and they were in perfect condition. 

Overall, I would reccomend this to EVERYONE. I don’t care who you are, you need to buy Caitlin’s designs. Oh, did I mention she has Redbubble and Society6 also? You can buy her designs on phone cases, shirts, blankets, clocks, pillows, etc.  

Product Review: Dana Decals

**I received free samples in exchange for an honest review of these products. This did not in any way effect my review. Everything stated below is my own opinion on these products based on my experience with them**

  Shop:  Dana Decals (

Product Type: Vinyl wall decals & custom quotes

Rating: 5 stars

Products I Received:  Shoot for the Moon quote, Chalkboard Vinyl Speech Bubble, Brown Arrow Chevron, Olive Arrow Chevron, Stars pattern, Blue Hearts, Black Beetles pattern, & Black Swiss Cross Plus Sign pattern

These decals exceeded my every expectation. I was extremely satisfied by them. 

The decals are high quality and surprisingly very easy to apply. You just peel off the solid colored paper, apply the sticker where you’d like it to go, and then peel away the transfer paper.  

The colors were vivid and rich, and they were very smoothly textured.  My favorites were the chalkboard speech bubbles and the gold stars. 

They took about a week to ship. I expected them to come in maybe an envelope type thing, but the packaging was very nice. They came in a tube with the company’s logo on it and it was firmly closed.  The decals where rolled up inside but it was easy to smooth them out afterwards. 

Dana Decals has very nice products and I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some adorable decorations. 

Book Review: Break Me Like A Promise

Break Me Like A Promise by Tiffany Schmidt 

Series:  Once Upon A Crime Family Book 2

Rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: June 7th, 2016 

Source: NetGalley 

How often do I like a sequel better than the first one? Almost never, which is why this book was so suprising. I usually don’t like it when the main character  changes to someone else in a series. This book also has a lot more to do with the criminal and political aspect of the Families and the  Organ Trade. 

Maggie is SO different from Penny. I’ll admit, she wasn’t very likable in the beginning, but giver her some time, the girl’s been through ALOT. 

She is so strong and determined, the only girl in an all male business. She has to work for every little bit of respect she has. She’s business minded and focused on profits rather than the patients. She doesn’t understand that people die without transplants. Her grief over Carter so real, and no one understands because her relationship with Carter was a secret. The fact that she’s able to overcome it is so inspiring. 

The romance is better than the first book’s, were it  just seemed to happen too fast. In Break Me Like A Promise it’s a nice slow burn, and even better, a hate to love  story. 

You do need to have read the first book to really understand this one. It’s fun to see how Penny and Char have ended up, and I like how even though they’re secondary characters they still grow and overcome even more challenges. 

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read.