Top Ten OTPs

So this took just about FOREVER. I couldn’t decide on only 10, and I kept rearranging them. I have at least 1 OTP for everything I’ve ever read/watched. (For those of you who don’t know, OTP stands for One True Pair, though it’s impossible to have just ONE) These are 10 of my all time favorite OTPs that I will ship until the end of time! 


1. Percabeth (Percy x Annabeth)

Percabeth will always be my no. 1 OTP. I can barely remember back to when I didn’t ship this. Percy and Annabeth are GOALS. I’m so in love with their love. They just have this bond that is so perfect, and I can only dream of having a relationship as amazing as theirs.

2. Olicity (Oliver x Felicity)

It is not possible to watch arrow and NOT ship this. I mean, I liked Laurel, but Felicity is just so right for Oliver. I shipped this the second they introduced Felicity, and had been waiting for this to finally become a canon (OMG WHEN THEY  FINALLY GOT TOGETHER!!!!)

3. Blarke (Bellamy x Clarke) 


I shipped this right off the bat. I read the first two books of The 100 where this was a canon and I’m currently on season 2 of the show (you’ll hate me for this, but I actually like the show better. I find the storyline more interesting  than the books. I didn’t like it at first because it was nothing like the books, but in the end it turned out being a lot better.) Blarke isn’t a canon yet, and it is KILLING ME! I want them to be together sooooo bad because they are obviously perfect for each other, but Finn keeps screwing things up. Like, can he not just be with Raven (though I actually ship her with that engineer guy now). He needs to back off and let Clarke realize that Bellamy is her SOULMATE.
4. Destiel (Dean x Castiel)

The thing is, I’m 99.99% sure Dean is my soulmate. But how can I NOT ship this. At first I was like no way this will never happen, Dean is so straight, but now I totally ship this. This better become a canon in season 12!!!

5. Malec (Magnus x Alec)


Do I even have to explain this?

6. Samaena (Sam x Celaena)


(This is from Throne of Glass btw) This ship immediately  became one of my OTPs after I read Assassins Blade, the prequel to Throne of Glass. I’m an avid shipper of Rowlaena, but gosh, Sam and Celaena were just meant to be. I don’t think I’ll ever get over his death (Sarah J. Maas has confirmed that she’s not bringing him back 😭). I hate Arrobyn for cutting short  what would have been such a perfect and beautiful relationship. My heart bleeds for Celaena (Aelin).


7. Magleo (Magnus x Cleo)


If you suggested this during the first 2 books of Falling Kingdoms I would’ve thought you were insane. But OMG do I ship this now! I was driven insane by the third and fourth book because they just wouldn’t admit their LOVE. I wholeheartedly ship this now, and I will CUT anyone who tries to interfere with their relationship.

8. Johnlock (Sherlock x John)



Yes I ship this. Deal with it.

9. Wessa (Will x Tessa)

It’s almost impossible to choose between Will and Jem, but in the end I’ll always go with Will. Him and Tessa were just destined to be together. I felt sooooo bad for him in the 2nd and 3rd book, but in the end it all worked out. Will is just so….. ARBOYHDWYJBFITGCDDJOGBDDHTBDJURBDHJTFSDJJU!!!!! I love him so much and I can’t wait for Cassandra Clare’s series about Lucie!!!

10. Haisa (Hans x Raisa)


First off, it’s NOT pronounced the same as Hans from Frozen. His name is short for Hansel [han-suh l]. It’s pronounced Han-s. Not H-ah-ns.

I was practically screaming at both of them throughout this series (Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima). They would be in the same place, even brush by each other, BUT THEY WOULDN’T RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER!!! ASJDFIRHFTIYS!!! I ship this soooo hard and the ending to that series was perfect. Seriously, you have to read this. It starts off slow, BUT GOOD GOD THIS SERIES IS AH-MAH-ZING!!!!!!