Product Review: Printcess Makeup

NOTE:I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Printcess Makeup (

: 5 stars

Products Category
: Cosmetics

Product I Received
: Villian, Calico, Complication, & Direwolf samples

They came beautifully wrapped in some pages from White Fang (I cringed but they look so cute and so many people use old pages for bookstagram backgrounds anyways). 

These are the 4 samples I received (samples can bought for $1 each, of any color). The sticker on them is the size of a quarter, so the bags are about 2 inches long. I love the names, and these are just a few. There’s Hunger Games, Cinder, PJO, Divergent, HP, etc. themed ones as well. 

I (badly) swatched the here on my arm. The picture was taken in natural lighting. Villian is dark and sparkly, perfect for a smokey eye or some shimmery eyeliner.  Direwolf matches my skin tone very well, which is awesome since I like natural looking makeup. Complication is an epic metallic purple and really stands out. Calico is totally gorgeous, and very majestic. All of them were very pigmented. 

Since I’m so ( not) amazing with make up,

I only used them as eye shadows, but they can be worn anywhere on the face (except your lips), and can be turned into nail polish too. I know I’m definitely going to try Direwolf as a highlighter. They can be worn wet or dry, and they last pretty long. For me, Villian lasted the longest, but they all stayed put for at least 5 hours. 

They shipped pretty quickly in an evenlope, and were nicely packaged. Nothing spilled, and they were in orcs T condition. 

Overall, I definitely reccomend. The powders are pigmented and long lasting, with awesome referential names. You can buy a sample  of any of the colors for $1, and each sample can be used around 3-4 times (depends on what you use it for, and how much). Seriously, check em out!

Product Review: Catherine Lapointe

NOTE:I received a free sample in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Catherine Lapointe (

Rating: 5 stars

Products Category: Hand Painted Shoes (Fandom & Wedding)

Product I Received: Purple Monarch Flats

Ohmygosh these are gorgeous. This picture does not do them justice, they are even more breathtaking in person! The design is amazing, and the paint used is so pretty!  Seriously some excellent craftsmanship. The shoe itself is pretty comfy, though the sides dip slightly lower than in used to.  (Note: Catherine does not usually use pointed toe shoes for commissions)
She has a lot of different designs and shoe styles in her shop (including some truly beautiful bridal wear). All you Harry Potter fans should definitely check out her Hogwarts design! Oh, and did I mention there’s also Pokemon sneakers? What better to catch ’em all with. 
They shipped in maybe a week, though mine were already painted I beleive. The time for each design varies. The shoes were nicely packed and arrived safely at my doorstep. 
Overall, I would definitely reccomend these. The shoes were comfy,the design is gorgeous, and high quality.  Seriously, check out her shop, there’s some pretty amazing things there.