Merch Review: Good Night Kittens

NOTE: I received a free sample in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion

Shop: Good Night Kittens (
Rating: 5 stars
Products Category: Book related shirts, posters, and totes

Product I Received: Helldivers T-shirt in Dark Red 


Look at it!!!

It’s gorgeous. 

I haven’t seen very much merch for Red Rising, but this definitely takes the cake. I mean, look at the details!

I love how the design has all those little designs hidden in it that relate to Red Rising.  Oh, and the print! I expected just plain black on red, but it’s actually a shimmery gunmetal color! 

It’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer without dying in the heat, and it’s so cute! It’s available in 2 colors, heather red and dark red. Mine looks lighter because of the lighting, but it’s a gorgeous shade of dark red.  You can also get this design printed on a red tote!

//pictures from GoodNightKittens

It shipped extremely fast, and it was nicely packed inside the padded envelope. It actually came two days earlier than expected, which was a nice surprise!

I would definitely recommend this shop to Red Rising fans! She also has Hunger Games and Grisha designs (ohmygosh they’re so beautiful)! Seriously, check it out!


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