Merch Review: Marquis du Soleil

I received free samples in exchange for a review. This did not effect my review of the product, everything below is my own honest opinion 

Shop: Marquis du Soleil (

Rating:  5 stars

Products Category
: Bookmarks, Stationary, Art Prints, Posters, etc. 

Products I Received: Aelin of the Wildfire bookmark, Spring Court Feyre bookmark, The NightCourt bookmark, and Rapunzul postcard. 



5 stars guys. I don’t just give those out lightly. In fact, this is the very first thing on my blog to get a full 5 star rating (whoohoo!). 

You wanna know why? Because her work is absolutely stunning.  These are the most gorgeous bookmarks I’ve ever laid eyes on, and probably always will be. The pictures don’t do them true justice. 

They’re all hand made, on cold pressed watercolor paper.  The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the typography  is nice and elegant. I love the script they are written in. 

I love the Rapunzul design, especially how she’s a brunette. I’ve always seen Rapunzul as a blonde, and that’s how I’ve always thought of her. It actually took me a second to realize what fairytale the card was. I adore the colors used in this, and the flowers. 

Shipping was pretty fast, it took maybe three, four days for it to arrive.  They came in a really cute blue envelope, and they were in perfect condition. 

Overall, I would reccomend this to EVERYONE. I don’t care who you are, you need to buy Caitlin’s designs. Oh, did I mention she has Redbubble and Society6 also? You can buy her designs on phone cases, shirts, blankets, clocks, pillows, etc.  


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