25 Bookish Facts About Me

I was tagged by The Petite Book Blogger   to do this book tag 

(Photo belongs to her)


1. I only own 10 physical books

I know, you’re horrified. I can explain. I recently moved a few months ago and I had to give up almost all of my books. I had a box of my favorites which got lost and still haven’t been found. Since then I’ve only bought 10 books. I usually buy a book after reading the ebook version or getting it from the library. I hate buying books that I end up not liking. 

2. I’ve never (heard?) an audiobook

I don’t think I would like it because I usually don’t like people reading aloud to me, though I’m open to trying it at least once. 

3. I’ve never kept a bookmark longer than a week

I always seem to loose my bookmarks within a week of getting them, though they are always paper ones not magnets or the metal ones. I think (hope) that I’d be able to hold onto those better. 

4. Fantasy is my favorite genre

Always has been always will be. After that it’s probably sci-fi, dystopian, thriller, and then mystery. I don’t usually like most contemporaries except maybeJohn  Green’s or Rainbow Rowelle’s. 

5. I currently have over 30 library books checked out

Yikes, better return those. I always forget to take them back and instead come home with a bunch more new ones. 

6. My favorite series is Throne of Glass

I love, love, love ToG! After that my favorites are Illuminae, a Falling Kingdoms, and pretty much all the Shadowhunter books. 

7. I’ve never been to an official book related event

I really hope I get a chance to sometime 

8. I liked the Maze Runner movies more than the books

*shrugs* They were just better (at least scorch trials was)

9. I can read a whole novel in a day

As long as it’s not like 700 pages or something (I could read that in a day, I just don’t have time)

10. I always have a book to suggest if you need something to read


11. I love bookstagram, but I suck at taking good pictures

Plus, since most of my books are library books, the covers look at shiny and ugh it drives me wild. I have gotten better though at taking picture recently. 

(Stalk me on insta/twitter/tumblr/goodreads: @theyabookaholic

12. I can’t do anything other things while reading

Nope, I get distracted way to easily. I can’t even eat while reading. 

13. Some books make me super emotional, while others make me feel nothing

14. It takes me longer to read books I love

Whenever I read the next book in a series that I truly love, it takes me forever because I stop every few chapter to just kinda sit there and soak it in (and sometimes fangirl over what’s going on)

15. My favorite book to move is (and always will be) Harry Potter

16. I’m a Ravenclaw πŸ˜€

17.  I’ve never read Twilight

I probably never will

18. I find it hardest to write reviews about books that are meh

I never know what to say, because they’re not bad, they just aren’t my thing. 

19. I’ve never bought a (physical) book online

20. I haven’t read almost all of the classics

I will someday, today’s just not the day. 

21.  I’ve never won a free book

Fingers crossed!

22. I’ve only ever read 1 book by a self-published author

Air awakens was SO good 

23. I can’t help but judge a book by its cover

It’s  always the interesting  ones that catch my eye

24. This is the first time I’ve ever been tagged to do something

I’m pretty new to the whole book bogging thing. I started my blog early this month. 

25. I’m 2 away from having a 100 visitors on my blog

I’m so excited, and for me this is a pretty big milestone. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go when I started this blog, or if I would like it. I’m so glad I did start this because I’ve discovered something that I truly enjoy! 


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